Loving Your Work

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ธันวาคม 30, 2016

There is a reason people say things like, “Happy work happy life.” When you are happy in your work life, you are happy in all areas of life. The joy that a job you love can bring you is unmatched. It is something that fulfills you. When you have a job you like, you have a more positive outlook in general. You are less stressed, you feel good about yourself, and you like getting up and getting to work. It is something that you look forward to doing. You actually want to meet goals and you want to continue doing it. Work that you love will help you to love your life. Everyone needs to find a good home life and work life balance. Without that balance, you will not have the happiness that you crave. You will feel beaten and stressed, and you will live every day with problems just building in you. Balancing all areas of your life is a vital part of managing tasks and keeping yourself in good spirits. It is a vital part of lowering the risk of depression and anger. Not managing that balance will only cause you to become upset, and may lead to more troubles in your life simply because of the anger and frustration built up inside of you from a job you hate. If you want to improve the work life balance, then you have to start looking into a job that makes you happy. It should be something that fits your interests and skills and plans for the future. Whether you want to become an artist or a scientist, look into how you can do it. Figure out ways to make a career out of it. Make sure that, whatever you choose, it is something that will keep you interested, as well. Have a career that you can honestly say makes you happy to get up in the morning. When you have that type of career, you are happier. The saying, “Happy work happy life.” is something that rings true for everyone. The happier your work is for you, the happier you are. You have a positive outlook on life, you are more fulfilled in general, and you have less stress. Your career choice is an important part of your life so choose wisely. Go with something that will motivate you to become a better person. Choose something that takes nothing away from your joy in life.

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Ajarn Sam Savarat