Cafe Amazon

Cafe Amazon

Cafe Amazon at StarWork

StarCraft Cafe Amazon Coffee Shop for modern people like you. Take a seat and sip our premium coffee with the various menus of Coffee Amazon, Espresso, Mocha, Latte Amazon, Honey Black Coffee, Fresh Latte, White Choc Macchiato, Black Coffee, Amazon Extra, Cappuccino, Tea Hot Tea, Milk Tea, Fresh Milk Green Tea, Iced Black Tea, Lemonade Tea, Green Tea Honey Lime with Jelly, Chocolate, Fresh Milk, Strawberry Smoothies, Blueberry Smoothies and Lynchee Juice at our comfortable place with wifi and power outlets. Here you can enjoy your day and your work in the extremely comfortable atmosphere by the beautiful waterfall. Moreover, here we also have the convenient transportation and car park to serve you.

Cafe Amazon

Enjoy Work&Coffee with High-speed internet and electric outlet for every table indoor & outdoor


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87/9 Tunghotel Rd., Watket, Muang, ChiangMai. 5000

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